Modular Dashboard

Easily drag, drop and arrange tiles to display live, relevant indicators or prefer synoptic views. Internal departments can customize their own views.

Powerful Splash Page Editor

Quickly sync your venue's Wi-Fi portal splash page with your website or social media posted events. You won't ever need the services of a web agency or that costly frontend developer. Our unique Splash Page Editor allows anyone within your organization to create beautiful page layouts within minutes and with utmost simplicity. Simply drag the appropriate tile from the list unto the design page.

Safe & Secure

Many different types of authentications schemes are available to choose from; these allow accountability and traceability to take place. Content filtering also limits venue liability by suppressing access to certain websites which may be considered to be inappropriate or reprehensible by law. Enjoy hotspot guest access with peace in mind; wireless clients and devices are isolated one from another.

Advanced analytics

While you provide indispensable Wi-Fi Internet access to your clients, anonymous data is collected in the background. It is then processed by our algorithms in order to provide meaningful information to your teams. Factual data, patterns, trends, and KPIs help you enhance customer loyalty and optimize business decisions. Queentessence operates in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, also known as GDPR.