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From Paris...

It was in this part of the world that a start-up named Adaël Wireless served clients’ WiFi needs during a fourteen-year stretch. Adaël Wireless had a mission to provide wireless Internet Services for public venues from 2004 to October of 2017, the year it was acquired by NOMOSPHERE, a lead competitor.

So, during those 14 years, we did just that; we managed, deployed and tailored custom WiFi services and infrastructures for clients of all types and sizes. They spanned from Europe’s largest and finest shopping malls, such as Les Quatre Temps in Paris, to all of France’s IKEA locations (31 at the time), down to LADUREE boutiques offering their now world-renowned macaron.

...To Miami

Miami is quickly evolving into a tech & innovation hub. It's only appropriate that we set up shop here, since we've evolved our business tactics as well. We‘ve sorted, categorized and removed less important features, keeping only the quintessence of our best, must-have ideas. “Quintessence” became Queentessence. Our mission is to offer digital enterprise-grade WiFi services to your doorstep. It will not matter whether or not you have an infrastructure already in place, our tools and services are available in both cases.

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