Advanced Analytics

Andromeda's Analytics

Queentessence Andromeda dashboard leverages the power of Machine Learning against in-house multi-channel data collection with a person’s digital life. This individualized consumer centric-approach leads to a refined customer journey, one that does not improvise but anticipates the client’s arrival, his purchase wishes, and possible purchase intentions, with predictive behaviors algorithm. As a result, venues achieve higher efficiency, better time management, optimizing local resources while emboldening customer loyalty.


IoT devices and Cameras are used to accurately count visitors, analyze footfall from which heat maps are generated, paths ways depicted and orderly ranked. A marketing campaign can then be benchmarked and achieved success be measured. In some cases, the conversion rate can also be measured. Real-time location system (RTLS) enables the tracking of company assets and or staff for optimized efficiency.

Camera Analytics


Beacons and IoT devices are used in conjunction with Psychographics, WiFi Guest Access Gateway, and willingly shared Digital life data so that exchanges will be non-intrusive, fully GDRP compliant thereby nurturing fruitful and long-lasting relationships, from all perspectives. Fine distinctions are made with parameters such as non-engaged passerby, engaged and dwell time insights. Web App Location-based application not only permits customer indoor navigation but optimizes resources allocation with real-time staff dispatch to heavily solicited zones.

IOT Beacon

Hyper-Personalized Content

The curation of ingestion data gathered from psychographics, spatial analytics, opt-in GRDP fully compliant data, IoT Beacon, WiFi, cameras input and external mother nature factors such as weather, opposed to machine learning capabilities are all paving the way for unparalleled Hyper-Personalized Content person-centric customer journey.