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  • Posted November 03, 2020

Bridging the Gap Between Physical & Digital Lives

Omnichannel marketing and optimized customer journeys are two of the hottest topics in retail. The reason these terms are garnering such attention is simple: they deliver results.

Bridging the Gap Between Physical & Digital Lives

For example, Omnisend’s 2019 Marketing Automation Statistics Report indicated omnichannel marketers benefit from 90% higher customer retention than single channels and a purchase rate that is 2.5 times higher when 3 or more marketing channels are used.

For brick-and-mortar retailers, implementing these strategies that help make for a seamless experience online and offline can have a significant impact on the bottom line. In this piece, we’ll explore how connected customer journeys and granular shopper insights can help you get the most out of your omnichannel marketing campaigns. We’ll also dive into the power of guest WiFi analytics to further strengthen your efforts.

Omnichannel marketing: creating a connected journey

With the rapid pace of technological growth, the way consumers are shopping is changing and the need for businesses to adapt is growing. Every business is a digital business. Consumers have come to expect quality experiences in addition to competitive prices. This means brick and mortar retailers need to engage with customers online and in the physical world.

There are several things you can do to better connect with your customers. This is where the “shopper journey” comes in. The idea behind the shopper journey concept is simple: design a path that supports customers throughout the decision making process.

Keeping the shopper in mind is very important when utilizing trying to improve the shopper’s journey. Don’t force feed them campaigns. Use personalization and technology to your advantage. That means leveraging touchpoints such as social media, online ecommerce sites, physical locations, and mobile apps to create a consistent and pleasant experience as they interface with your brand.

However, it’s imperative to respect your customers’ privacy and not come off as intrusive or “creepy” in campaigns. The idea is to find ways to make it natural without upsetting the shopper by feeding them information that might not be relevant to them. This will have the opposite effect and start to drive away people, you don’t want to do this.

The takeaway? When designing a customer journey nudge but don’t force. Leveraging the data: shopper insights

Collecting data from various omnichannel touchpoints logically flows into the concept of transforming that data into actionable analytics.

Researching shopper behavior can inform decisions that improve everything from employee training to your product offering. This isn’t really a new concept either, this type of market research has been around for decades. Store front layouts aren’t randomized, they are designed in a way to appeal to a shopper using “shopper insights”. Modern technology takes it to the next level.

Today, a lot of tools are available to make this type of research much easier to perform. Benefits to the digital world are the ability to gather data and make changes to appeal to consumers faster. Allowing businesses to adapt to change in shopping patterns and stay relevant to their customers.

Shopper insights can help sales and make your offering more profitable. You’ll need the right tools for this research that will allow you to keep up with the changes in the retail environment and the type of services shoppers are looking for. This means curating the data you take in at your various touchpoints (sensors, social media data, shopping cart history, etc) and making informed decisions based on those insights.

How managed guest WiFi can help

So, where does guest WiFi come in? Simply put, it’s a data-rich touchpoint that can provide a wealth of information AND create an enjoyable connected shopper journey for your customers.

Using WiFi technology, you can capture information gathered from the shoppers that will help improve their experience. WiFi can also provide more relevant information to improve in-store experiences and inform floor layout plans.

You can create “heatmaps” to understand foot traffic. You can track how often a customer is connecting to your location and use this to bring them useful and relevant content. Additionally, by using WIFI analytics you can optimize product suggestions and leverage social media data to personalized campaigns.

Using these types of services will help bring connect with consumers digital lives and keep them engaged. With location-based services, you can use the information to provide relevant data to shoppers. In short, managed guest WiFi helps you better connect with your customers across a variety of channels.

The Queentessence advantage

Queentessence helps brick and mortar retailers get the most out of managed guest WiFI to create world-class customer journeys. Our Andromeda platform provides retailers with a powerful, elegant, and robust cloud-based guest WiFi management solution. With Andromeda you can aggregate data from sensors, psychographics, and guest WiFi connections. The data is then curated and analyzed by our intelligent A.I.-powered algorithms to provide you with actionable insights and information to drive business decisions. Additionally, our patented “Pre-roll” WiFi technology (US Patent 7,734,283), which enables delivery of customized messaging prior to the authentication phase, helps set us apart and provide our customers with a unique and valuable tool in their omnichannel marketing toolbox.

Beyond technology, we have a real passion for improving experiences at brick and mortar venues. The best part of our business is collaborating with these venues and the MSPs (managed service providers) that service them to solve real-world problems. If you’re interested in discussing managed guest WiFi services, retail analytics, or anything related to the modern customer journey, contact us today!

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