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Digital Marketing for Cafes & Restaurants

Win new business. Take care of your regular customers.

Gather customer data through wireless hotspots
Engage your clients on a deeper level with Andromeda

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What makes a cafe successful?

Find out from your customers — before they write a Yelp review

With Queentessence you can gather feedback privately, refine the customer experience, and urge your biggest fans to leave public reviews.

And this is just the start of your tech-based customer service strategy


Offer Rewards. Create a Loyal Customer Base

  • Reward your clients for logging in or using your Wi-Fi hotspot. You can decide what the reward will be depending on your client needs

Cafes thrive on regular customers, and you can encourage daily visits by offering a rewards program through your WiFi guest access. Andromeda Rewards keeps them coming back.

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Analyze the Data. Segment Your Customers

    Queentessence can tell you:

  • When your cafe gets the most foot-traffic
  • Which customers open your marketing emails
  • What types of promotions bring in business

Queentessence gives you powerful insights into customer data and physical traffic. Plus, you can segment your customers based on demographics like gender, home town, and much more.

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Digital Marketing Tools to Promote Your Cafe

  • Stay in your customers’ heads
  • Offer them promotions
  • Let them know about changes to your menu or new drinks you’ve dreamed up
  • Announce the opening of new locations when you’re ready to expand

When Starbucks runs their fall ad campaign pushing all things “Pumpkin Spice,” millions leap off their yoga mats and head for the nearest coffee shop. You might not have the budget for that level of advertising, but email marketing does the same thing at a far more affordable price.


It’s easy to get started

Bring back the local café — and build a thriving business.

Queentessence interfaces with all major wireless access providers.
We can even walk you through the installation process.

Free setup. Easy to install
Zero upfront costs. Pay nothing your first month
No commitment. Pay as you go