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Digital Marketing for Hotels & Motels

Modern marketing tools for an ancient industry

Gather customer data through wireless hotspots
Engage your clients on a deeper level with Andromeda

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Lodging has been around since biblical times and success has always been about flawlessly serving guests

The Andromeda platform — by Queentessence — allows you to fully understand your customer base, set-up different zones throughout your facilities (e.g., restaurant, pool, guest rooms) to study guest behavior, run digital marketing campaigns via email, offer promotions and deliver an experience that keeps them coming back.

Queentessence is the next stage of customer service


Offer Rewards that Inspire Loyalty

  • Reward your clients for logging in or by using your Wi-Fi hotspot. You can decide what the reward will be depending on your client needs

Guests love it when you can anticipate their needs and deliver deals they’ll love. Offering discounts to loyal customers reminds them that you’re there for them, and it gives you an edge over the competition.

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Analyze the Data. Segment Your Customers

  • Run digital marketing campaigns via email
  • Deliver an experience, and offer promotions, that keep them coming back
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Study customer data and live traffic, so you will know who your customers are (demographic info), when they use WiFi (time of day), and where exactly they use it. You can then use this information to send targeted marketing emails—which you can create using Queetessence’s Andromeda platform.

Plus, when you offer promotions, you can identify who responds to specific deals.!


Digital Marketing Tools to Promote Your Company

  • Build brand recognition
  • Offer your guests highly-targeted promotions
  • Announce the opening of new locations

Email marketing is a powerful form of brand advertising that’s available to hotels and motels big and small.


Getting started is easy and painless

Take your customer service to a new level. Watch your business grow.

Queentessence works seamlessly with all major wireless access providers, and we can walk you through installation.

Free setup. Easy to install
Zero upfront costs. Pay nothing your first month
No commitment. Pay as you go