Technology Partners

Brand Variety

Our technology ‘docks’ with all vendors that have a WaaS Cloud-Based architecture. If the brand of interest is not listed below, please share with our support team your project parameters. We will expedite a feasibility assessment for Queentessence to onboard your vendor of choice.

Please note that all of the listed vendors below offer excellent quality products from which derives excellent services. Some underlying and distinctive technical features may, however, mark some differences under certain specific terrain conditions.


High-grade components, Enterprise-Class vendor, Cloud-oriented, company founded in 2002


High-grade components, Enterprise-Class vendor, w/patents related to Radio optimization, company founded in 2004


High-grade components, Enterprise-Class vendor, High-Density projects, company founded in 2006

Cisco Meraki

Cisco parent company, High-grade components, Enterprise-Class vendor, a pioneer with Cloud-Services, company founded in 2006


Affordable with a primary focus on under-served and emerging markets, company founded in 2005


More recent in the market place, Enterprise-Class vendor, price disruptive approach, company founded in 2011


High-grade components, Enterprise-Class vendor, High-Density projects, company founded in 2003


Open source project for embedded operating system based on Linux used by many hardware vendors and open source community

Queentessence is proud to partner with some of the leading players in the realm of their respective expertise.

Internet of Things

IoT based in-house solution

Video Intelligence

In-house usage of video content analysis


In-house usage to describe consumers on psychological attributes


In-house usage communication platform


In-house usage for the automation of tasks


Email Marketing Platform


Internal CRM