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A comprehensive WiFi Analytics Solution

Easy to use
Undeniably powerful
Queentessence is a real-time feedback tool to identify, understand and retain your customers. Improve ad performance by targeting audiences based on your best customers.
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Andromeda at a Glance
Guided by user feedback and best practices in User Experience (UX) design, we built a platform you can master in no time.
Here's how easy it is to start gathering and analyzing data.
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Set up your splash page

This is what customers see when they sign up to use your WiFi. We give you all the tools you need to customize this page and make it beautiful.
Drag & Drop Feature
You can drag, drop, add images, and customize your text however you wish with our easy to create drag & drop creation tool.
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Dive into your data

Customer data tells a story. Dive into that data to figure out who your customers are, what they purchase, when they purchase, what will keep them coming back, and more.

See all important information on the Dashboard's main screen. Our data tabs make it easier to organize important data in compact, yet informative sections.


The Andromeda dashboard is simple and intuitive, allowing you to view, segment and compare data from any wireless access point at every location you serve.


All user relevant information can be viewed in our user analytics tabs. Get relevant information about your customers and offer them service, that will make them return again and again.

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Harness the power of digital marketing

Digital marketing is where the magic happens. Build email nuture campaign, newsletters and special offers, and manage everything(sending, viewing, report, etc.) from your Andromeda dashboard.
Email Builder

Create powerful email campaigns with our in-built email tool and captivate your clients with offers and promotions. This versatile tool is fully customizable to your business needs.

Hyper-personalize Your
Customer Experience
Once you capture guest data, you can record their preferences and shopping patterns to deliver a personalized experience that keeps them coming back.
Control your customer experience
Free setup. Easy to install
Zero upfront costs. Pay nothing your first month
No commitment. Pay as you go