Platform Overview

Andromeda is a universal Cloud-Based Platform from which big data million line entries are aggregated and curated. Sensors, Psychographics, and WiFi Guest Access become omnichannel data points of entry. Scrutinized gateways allow the collection of large amounts of data funneled towards in-house algorithms processing. This output provides additional feedback and perspective used for operational decision-making process. KPIs can be sent periodically to a customized multiple recipient lists facilitating internal discussions.

Queentessence Platform Components


The dashboard has been envisioned from the start with a pluralistic purpose, yet very modular. Versatile, this tool presents only relevant and desired information to its targeted audience. Blocks or tiles are individually enabled or disabled. System Integrators may toggle on/off at will highly customizable views of the managed IT infrastructure. Desired Tiles and their own views can be organized logically. Unused or irrelevant ones can be removed altogether.

Zone Management

Zone management from the Andromeda dashboard permits the separation of your networks into virtual groups with specific settings. A combination of Sphere, Sites, and Areas is shuffled intelligently allowing data insights to be either isolated or aggregated for a broader picture. Different Captive portals may then be linked to different spaces with their own set of analytical data. Thus, clients or visitors congregating outdoors may be presented content or information related to public transportation access, whereas proximity to the food court area may result in displaying nearby restaurants to visitors. Whether you are a Multinational with offices cross continents, groups managing franchises, or single venue establishments, specific views that best fits the space will be available for your organizational structure.

Splash Page Editor

The Captive portal is one of the foremost components from which venues can engage their customers in a very personalized manner. Advertisers use this space to promote brands and services with the ability to control how frequently you want to engage with the customers. Venues may also utilize this space for Pre-Roll¹ auto-promotional messages to be displayed on customers devices. Creating customized content no longer needs to be a tedious task. Queentessence demystified the content creation process; it’s now easier than ever. Our powerful Splash page editor allows anyone within your organization to create beautiful page layouts within minutes and with utmost simplicity. Drag and drop blocks from one of the various categories listed on the side panels.

¹Queentessence holds a patent related to Pre-Roll content presented before granting session access.


Many different types of Modus Operandi apply to authentication based on application necessities. Some Vendors may optionally still allow the access points to operate as or permit a local Gateway. However, most prefer Cloud-based architecture. In both cases, the wall-gardened environment contributes in part to the authentication process. The chosen method is crucial to the overall User Xperience, which is an integral part of the customers’ journey. Andromeda dashboard offers many types to choose from, such as Guest Access simple one-click connect, voucher vetted authentication, marketing purpose email credential based to specific web service authentication offering more interactions such as CRM.

Customer Engagement

People’s digital life are becoming inextricably linked to their physical life, naturally leading the way towards a Person Centric approach. Retail stores who take part in this new 21st century era renaissance will be tomorrow’s thriving businesses. Online and Offline experiences, with data-driven insights is redefining our understanding and the vision for a sustainable and healthy relationship between you and your clients to take place. At last understood by many, this can only materialize if one respects individuals privacy concerns with an unobtrusive approach, fully compliant with privacy laws such as GDPR.