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Digital Marketing for the Recreation Industry

Remind your customers that recreation is essential to a happy, healthy life.

Gather customer data through wireless hotspots
Engage your clients on a deeper level with Andromeda

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When people forget to take care of themselves your business suffers

Our platform allows you to understand your customer base — who they are and what they expect from you, to run digital marketing campaigns via email and to deliver an experience, and offer promotions, that keep them coming back.

Find out from your customers — before they write a Yelp review Queentessence can help you remind them that life is about more than work


Create a Rewards Program

  • Reward your clients for logging in or using your Wi-Fi hotspot. You can decide what the reward will be depending on your client needs

People forget to prioritize fun, relaxation, and self-care — and sometimes they need a little nudge. By creating a loyalty program and offering discounts to past customers, you can remind them that you exist and turn them into regulars.

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Analyze the Data. Segment Your Customers

  • Understand behavior patterns and buying trends
  • Run digital marketing campaigns via email
  • Deliver an experience, and offer promotions, that keep them coming back

Queentessence gives you powerful insights into customer data and physical traffic. Plus, you can segment your customers based on demographics like gender, home town, and much more.


Digital Marketing Tools to Promote Your Company

  • Stay at the forefront of your customers’ minds
  • Send targeted promotions
  • Announce new locations as your business grows

Big theme parks spend millions every year on brand advertising — that way people think about Disney World or Six Flags when it’s time to plan their next vacation. We’re guessing you don’t have that kind of budget, but email marketing does the same thing for a lot less.


Getting started is simple and straightforward

Understand your customers. Remind them that recreation matters.

Queentessence works with all major wireless access providers, and we can even walk you through installation.

Free setup. Easy to install
Zero upfront costs. Pay nothing your first month
No commitment. Pay as you go