Retail Shops

The Future of Retail

Initiated with disruptive innovations, the retail industry is today embracing digital transformation to survive and to thrive in tomorrow’s market world. Societal changes impact our behavior when it comes to lifestyle. Who could have predicted that e-commerce via Amazon would produce a hundred billion dollar industry, and would outclass well-established companies (both on- and offline).

The race is on for pertinence, flawlessness purchases, error-proof choices, and effortless one-click buys with instant gratification. Goods and services should ideally be presented to the consumers faster than ever. Delays will soon be counted in hours from the moment of purchase, rather than days, thanks to forthcoming drones carrying payloads with customer purchases. These changes are happening today, and so will your retail digital transformation.

Andromeda flows data from users' devices with their permission

The customer's data is sorted & processed

Both businesses and customers benefit from a better understanding of one another

The User eXperience of your customers is now center stage. Various means to enhance clients' journey are utilized simultaneously from multiple sources. Heterogeneous devices transport large quantities of data to Queentessence’s Andromeda dashboard, while synergies from psychographics and cameras are also put to work with valuable analytic information. WebApp and WiFi efficiently promote interactions to take place. As a result, bolstering brand awareness, trust and customer loyalty, industry’s main focus, occurs to the contentment of fully consenting parties, to the enjoyment of retail owners.